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Ruby Reese

Supergreens - Kelp and Parsley

Supergreens - Kelp and Parsley

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Tackle your dog’s bad breath with a little sprinkle of Supergreens over their food every day. Made from Irish sustainably-harvested seaweed and organic parsley, the Ruby Reese Supergreens nutrition supplement is a great addition to the canine diet with benefits from snout to tail. 

As well as having a fresh herby smell, the Ruby Reese Supergreens supplement acts as a natural deodoriser and helps fight bad breath in dogs and substantially improve dental and gum health by reducing plaque.

Supergreens is also a mix that can help your dog’s overall health as it is packed with minerals, micronutrients and can aid digestion with its probiotic properties.

Not intended for human consumption.


95% Organic Irish Knotted Wrack Seaweed (Ascophylium Nodsum)
5% Organic Parsley

Feeding Instructions

<10 kg = 2 g or 1 spoon

10-20 kg = 4 g or 2 spoons

>20 kg = 6 g or 3 spoons

Measuring spoon included

Nutritional Breakdown

178 kcal/ 736kJ | Protein 9g | Carbohydrates 48.5g ; of which sugar 2.9g | Fat 2.3g ; of which saturated fatty acids 1.2g | Fiber 38.3g | Sodium 2.9g | Iodine 265mg

As a natural product, values may vary slightly.

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  • Dental health - can reduce plaque, gingivitis and periodontitis

  • Fights bad breath

  • Probiotic and can improves digestive health

  • Packed with immune-boosting micronutrients and minerals

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Organic Knotted Wrack Seaweed

(Ascophylium Nodsum)

The benefits of knotted wrack seaweed used in Supergreens has been shown in studies to fight bad breath in dogs and substantially improve dental and gum health by reducing plaque, gingivitis and periodontitis when used daily. Seaweed is also widely considered to have probiotic properties, is known to improve overall digestive health and is packed with minerals and micronutrients.


Supergreens also contains parsley, a herb known to be a natural deodoriser due to its chlorophyll content. Parsley also has a fresh herby scent and many vitamins and antioxidants.

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