A Vet is looking into an ear of a dog using a medical instrument and a box with text “Allergy Management in Dogs”

Allergy Management in Dogs

Join us on another Tuesday Talk as we speak all about allergies in dogs with the brilliant Kathryn from "Skin Vet Ireland"

Food and environmental allergies are explored in this talk as well as touching on allergies to ticks and mites. Find out if some breeds are more likely than others to have allergies and if dogs really detox through their ears!

Signs of allergy, diagnosis and paths to recovery, we discuss it all.


(Unfortunately the recording had a tiny issue and Killian's part is a second ahead of Kathryn’s - Killian wasn’t constantly cutting her off as it might seem)


Host: Killian

Guest: Kathryn (Skin Vet Ireland)

More information about "Skin Vet Ireland":

Website: https://www.skinvet.ie/

Instagram: @skinvetireland


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