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Sweet Almond Oil as a Natural Ingredient to Help Deter Fleas and Ticks

Many pet owners are looking for natural ways they can keep their furry friends safe from fleas and ticks, but without having to resort to aggressive chemicals. Sweet almond oil has been recently been touted for its efficacy in deterring pests on animals, and though it is known for its use in skin care products – it can actually also help keep pets flea- and tick-free!

Sweet almond oil is high in fatty acids, which are known to be a natural pest repellent. According to a study from published in Veterinary Medicine Journal in 2018, sweet almond oil was found to be “significantly more efficient” at repelling fleas and ticks than other essential oils, and even teatree oil – which is also commonly used to deter fleas and ticks. The study found that sweet almond oil was the most repellent of all the essential oils used in the study, and could be used to provide an overall natural pest defense for pets.

Using sweet almond oil as a flea and tick deterrent is easy – it has already been included in Ruby Reese products such as the shampoo and leave-in conditioning spray. Since sweet almond oil is fast absorbing, it won’t leave behind a greasy or unpleasant residue. In addition, sweet almond oil has additional skin care benefits – it can help with the itching and irritation caused by flea bites, and may help moisturise your pet’s coat.

Though sweet almond oil is known to be a great natural defence against pests, it’s important to keep in mind that it should not be used as a substitute for any flea and tick preventative medications prescribed by your vet. Furthermore, if your pet does come into contact with fleas or ticks, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate their skin and take them to the vet for further medical treatment and advice.

Sweet almond oil is best used as a supplement to pest prevention, rather than a replacement. Overall, sweet almond oil has been recently found to be a great natural pest repellent for pets, and can provide an additional layer of protection from fleas and ticks. This essential oil is easy to use, has no known toxicity issues for animals, and may even provide some additional skin care benefits.


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